How many soy products are in a bottle?

The Soy Producers Federation of America (SPFA) is not the only trade group pushing for labeling laws.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is also pressing for such laws, which would allow the public to see what’s in each bottle of soy products they buy.

In a petition published on Wednesday, the trade group argued that consumers should be able to easily compare soy products in order to decide which ones are most compatible with their dietary needs.

It also highlighted a handful of products that are more than likely to contain soy products.

The petition calls for labeling regulations that allow the consumer to easily determine which soy products contain the ingredients they want.

It asks the U.K. government to pass such a law.

The industry group is also calling for the U,S.

Food and Drug Administration to approve a labeling law, which it says would protect consumers and retailers from misleading marketing and deceptive health claims.

But it’s unclear how many Americans are aware of the issue.

The trade group has not yet released a list of its supporters.

A group of lawmakers has proposed legislation that would ban soy products from labeling in the U., but that hasn’t gained traction.