How to avoid soy allergy with a healthy diet

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday said that its review of the ingredients of some soy products may lead to changes in the products’ ingredients that could reduce allergic reactions.

In a notice to manufacturers, FDA Administrator Dr. Anthony Fauci said the agency is looking at the soy product maker’s use of a specific soy protein called lignin.

Lignin is the structure that makes up the proteins in plants and in foods.

The FDA is now reviewing the soy ingredient to see if it can reduce reactions to soy foods.

“The inclusion of lignan, a common component of soybeans, in these products may be harmful,” Fauji wrote.

Fauci noted that soy products are considered safe and that soybeans contain the same types of protein as corn and wheat.

The food industry has been pushing to make sure that all soy products have sufficient lignins in them to meet FDA guidelines.