Which company is behind soy-producing factories in Argentina?

Argentina has a large soy-growing industry, and the country is also home to one of the world’s largest soy exporters, which exports roughly 10 percent of the country’s soy production.

But according to the Argentine news site Agencia News, the country has recently been caught up in an investigation that appears to have involved the manufacture of the controversial toxin dioxin, as well as the contamination of the food chain.

According to Agencia, the investigation into a soy plant in the town of Paseo de los Muertos in Argentina’s northern province of Santa Fe took place in the fall of 2017, and found the plant had been using toxic dioxins.

These toxic dieldrin compounds have been linked to serious health problems, including cancers and developmental disabilities.

According to the investigation, these dioxinates were produced by a company called Econo, and in 2016, Econos parent company, Conforti S.A., agreed to pay a $10 million fine.

But a few months later, another investigation by Agencia showed that some of the chemicals in the plant’s waste stream had also been linked with dioxiogenic problems.

While Agencia does not indicate that the company was actually responsible for producing the dioxis, the company’s alleged violations of the Argentine law that governs the export of toxic chemicals were not isolated to the area of Pasedo de la Muerta.

According the Agencia report, the toxic doxins that were found in the waste stream of the Paseos soy plant were “also found in other places” in Argentina.

Agencia reported that the Pasedos plant is a joint venture between EconoS parent company Confortis S.à.r.l. and Confortas subsidiary Confortes Soy Marketing.

According a press release from the Agence France-Presse (AFP), Conforto S.a.r: “is the sole owner of the soybean plant in Paseota de la Munera, a town of about 10,000 people in the north of Argentina’s Santa Fe province, and Concono S.-A.l., which is the parent company of the company producing the soybeans.”

This report does not give any further details about what was being done at the Paseso soy plant at the time, but it does reveal that the plant was also linked to several other alleged contamination incidents in Argentina over the years.

In 2016, an investigation into the waste water at the plant also found that a toxic chemical called neodymium sulfide had been found in its water.

The EPA, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and other US authorities have since confirmed that neodymystium sulfides were not found in water samples from the Pasingos soy facility.

In a statement to Recode, Conco S.c., the company that owns the Pasaes soy plant, said that the environmental investigation that Agencia reported was in the process of being completed.

The company added that Confortos Soy Marketing is a company that is fully compliant with the Argentine regulations and that it has always been subject to the requirements of Argentine regulatory authorities and that its activities are transparent.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.