How to make soy milk in India

The milk in this article is made from soy products which have been pasteurized, or pasteurized by adding water, and it is then strained to remove the impurities.

This process does not require a machine as it takes a while and involves a lot of labour.

To make the milk, you can use the soy products and the pasteurizer, which is an electric mixer, which has a lid on it.

You can also use a spoon to mix the milk with a spoon.

The milk is then stored in a glass jar, in a fridge or freezer, for a minimum of four months.

If you want to buy soy milk, then you can buy it at a grocery store, online, or at any grocery store or a grocery outlet.

The best way to buy is to look at the list of suppliers that have a range of soy milk products.

The list of soy milks is on the website of the Indian Soy Association.

You will need to look for soy milk that has been pasteurized, or the soy milk can be pasteurized and then stored.