What’s new for alcoholic soy products?

The Alcoholic Soy Product category was a bit of a flop, but there are some notable things in the news these days.

The first was that a-SoyPete has been discontinued, as has its sister brand, the Alcoholic Oils.

In addition, Lifeline and Aromasin have been discontinued.

That’s good news for those who prefer a lower-sodium product, as it was a lot easier to find cheaper alternatives to Lifeline.

A-Soys has been making it’s way into the American Homebrewer’s Liquids, but there are some other new products in the mix, including Aloe Vera.

Lifelines, Aromassins and Aloe Vera are all made from a natural, low-sugar soy protein, and they’re available at the Aromasin online store.

The products are made from rice protein, so you should be able to get a lot of it for less than $3.49/pound. 

Lionsgate and Warner Bros. also announced their upcoming films, Memento and Coco.

Warner Bros. has also added Bubba Ho-Tep to its Liongate film slate. 

Coconut Oil is a product made from coconut oil, and it was introduced in October of 2016 as a new alternative to alcoholic soaps, and since then, it’s been a huge hit.

It’s a really tasty oil, but it has a lot more coconut than alcohol, so you’re better off using alcohol-free soap for this purpose. 

You can get it in many beauty and skincare cosmetics, but the one that’s always made me laugh is Mizon Cosmetics’ Tulip Oil, which contains coconut oil and has a coconut scent. 

There are a ton of other coconut oil products on the market, but I’m going to be focusing on the ones that I’ve been using in the past few months. 

I used to like the Kohl Glamour Oil, but its popularity has been declining. 

The Luminescent Oil, which is made from beeswax and honey, is another new oil from Luminix, and LumiSciences is making it available for purchase online. 

Lastly, the Lush Beauty Tonic Oil, made from the natural oil of the sea cucumber plant, is available for purchase at LuxuryLumi.com. 

If you want to try one of these products, check out Luv Cosmetics and The Loch Ness Beauty Collection for a list of brands to buy.