A look at soy products inflammation

This is the second time in the last month that a top health and wellness company has accused another health food brand of using unhealthy ingredients in their products.

This time, it is Delight Soy Products (DSW), a major supplier of soy products to the Indian market.

Deworming is an expensive and controversial method of harvesting soybeans, which is done to produce more protein.

The process uses chemicals to remove protein from the soybeans so they can be used in other foods.DSW, however, has been accused of using toxic ingredients in a range of products, including its Soy Loaf, which was recently recalled in the US after a lab test showed it contained sodium lauryl sulfate (LAS), a synthetic chemical that has been linked to birth defects.”DSW is the company responsible for Soy Loa.

It has made a series of false claims about the health effects of this product,” the company said in a statement on its website.”

Our customers have a right to know whether they are buying products from a credible company that does not use harmful ingredients and does not mislead consumers.”

Dewood Health Foods said it “reserves the right to take action against any person or company that violates our Code of Ethics.””DSWs conduct, marketing and use of soy are a concern for us and we are taking appropriate steps to address their actions,” it added.DEWOD Health Foods has also said it would be reviewing the company’s products.

“This is not a new issue.

We have received many complaints about Soy Loas products over the last few months.

We take these matters seriously and will address them as we move forward,” a company spokesperson said in an emailed statement.”

We take this matter seriously and are taking steps to make sure our products are as safe and nutritious as possible.

We are working closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that our products remain safe and wholesome.”

The controversy is being echoed by other health food brands too, including Nestle India and KFC India.