Why the world is watching a soy scandal with a vengeance

What’s it like to be an agrochemical plant worker? 

What’s it really like to work in a factory farm? 

How did this happen? 

This week, a few thousand workers at one of the world’s biggest soy processing plants are protesting for their rights, after they were promised their jobs in the past but instead got nothing.

The company says it has promised to hire 2,000 workers and will increase pay for those who don’t work there.

But some workers say the promise never came.

Some are hoping the protests will bring a change.

“We need to see an end to this, to make sure that workers can get a fair shake,” says a man named Toni, who only gives his first name for safety reasons.

He says he’s been working at a soy plant for about four years and that the company has promised jobs for people who don`t have a college degree.

But now he says he doesn’t think he will be able to stay on.

Toni says he has never had a pay raise.

A lot of workers say they don’t have a say in what’s going on at the plant, and the company says they are unionized.

More than 600 people have signed a petition calling for an end to the protests.

As the protests spread, people have taken to social media to share their anger and frustration.

Some people have even taken to calling for boycotts.

There are also calls for the company to pay its workers a fair wage.

Last week, the company said it would increase its pay for all those who were promised jobs, and promised to bring back 2,500 new workers.

But for some, the promise of job work is not enough.

“They’re making promises and not making a promise,” says one man named Andrew.

Andrew says he worked for 20 years for a soy company and has never been paid a raise.

He says that the job he got, which is a truck driver, is a part-time job.

Andrew says that when he came back to work at the company, he was promised the position but was never paid a wage increase.

Now he says his pay is only $9 an hour.

Another worker named Kevin says he was told his position was going to be cut and that his pay would be cut as well.

Kevin says he only received $5 an hour for 20 hours of work, and he hasn’t been paid since.

While many workers say their job is just as important as the ones they are replacing, others say the company is making promises that aren’t keeping up with the demands of workers.

It seems that the workers at Lionsgate s soy factory have decided that if they can’t get the promised jobs they won’t be able to stay on the job. 

The company has been accused of exploiting workers and threatening to fire workers who speak out against the plant.

Lionsports says that it pays its workers well, but that the promise to bring back 2,500 workers has been a sham. 

It also says that those who refuse to take on more jobs at the soy plant will be fired, and that it is not an agri-chemical plant. 

LionGate said that it does not hire and fire employees based on race, gender, disability or age.