How to Stop Being a Baby-Sitters Pig Source MTV News

A new video released by the anti-pig campaign group Cerrado Soy will help you learn the signs that your pig is an abusive, genetically engineered, genetically modified, pig.

Cerrada Soy has a tagline: “You can’t stop being a baby-sitters pig.

That’s why Cerrados Soy is here.”

The video, called “Pig,” shows a baby pig laying in a field, its head resting on a branch, while another pig walks behind it, its tail outstretched.

The video shows the pig’s head slowly rising and falling, and its tail slowly moving to the sides.

“We’re going to say this: This is a pig that has been genetically engineered to produce high levels of methane,” says one of the group’s organizers, Michael D. Wilson, of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“It’s a pig with a very high rate of methane production, and this is the reason why we’ve been saying to everyone, ‘You need to be concerned about these pigs.’

We’re talking about animals that are being sprayed in large quantities with herbicides and pesticides that are very harmful to human health.”

Wilson said the video is intended to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of pig farming, as well as the health risks associated with genetically modified pigs.

“We’re really trying to encourage people to start thinking about their health when it comes to eating meat,” he said.

“Pig” was produced by a collective of animal activists, farmers and environmental activists in California, Washington and Oregon.

It was released on Monday.

The group is now circulating the video around the country, including through the Cerradas Soy Facebook page, and has received support from celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Garner.